Jane has a degree from Pratt, two masters’ degrees in leadership from Columbia University and she hasn’t had a hand in any fewer than 5 pots since. Jane has spent the better part of her career working for the City and State of New York to help usher personal change on a grand scale. Before Vicus, Jane helped launch a mentoring program serving over 10,000 children and a foster care program to help over 8,000 teenagers in the system make the transition to independence; She was a consultant for Ben & Jerry’s, UNICEF, the American Red Cross, Coca-Cola, and the Special Olympics; COO of Variety International Children’s Charity, and even an Executive Director a few times. She also has experience in the school system and holds a Superintendent license. She ended up at Vicus by way of being a client, while on the Board of LOVE US — a not-for-profit whose mission is to reduce youth violence. The hurdles that LOVE US faced in finding a perfect space were not unique and she’s been able to leverage her array of experience to tackle real estate challenges from all different angles — helping her become a record breaking deal closer.

One current passion project is working with Bottomless Closet, a non-profit that helps disadvantaged women get back in the workforce, and she’ll continue to get involved with projects that ensure those without a voice… get heard.

Jane is a lifetime New Yorker — and with that, a sense of humor to match. Ask her about her stint in the comedy club circuit.